Innovative Technologies for the Internet of Things



From electronic to the  Cloud!


NooliNodes are 802.15.4 modules that  are embedded in  order to create smart objects. NooliNodes have already been embedded in several equipments like smart meter, ambient sensors (humidity, CO2, VOC, presence, light ..) and also in some RFID readers in order to extend the network with passive objects.


NooliBee is a wireless infrastructure solution. It gives the smart objects the ability to interact with Internet. This scalable solution has been built in order to be easily implemented.


NooliBerry PI is an add-on card for the RaspBerry. By using this add-on and the 6LBR open Source program you can easily implement a border router inside a Contiki 6LowPan Infrastructure.




NooliBerry PI


Connected Parcel Box Prototype

NooliTIC realized the  electronic part for  a prototype of connected parcel box that will be demonstrated at the CES in Las Vegas. ( explanation in the Video). The parcel Box embed an electronic system with 2 differents communications boards, Noolinode (Contiki based) for the Network part and the communication with the house and Nooliblue (Bluetooth Low energy) for opening  credentials and communication with a mobile phone (Iphone for the prototype).



NooliTIC is involved in several R&D projects, like for Instance the hospital room of the future project. This project  has been developed with some stakeholders like the Eurasante clusbster and Lille Hospital.



NooliBlue Prototype

NooliBlue is a Bluetooth low energy module battery powered. It can be used as an Ibeacon or as a peripheral module for our NooliBee Network. It could natively communicate with the mobile phone equiped with Bluetooth 4.0. The specificity of Nooliblue is that it could be integrated in a NooliBee Network.


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